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Why must this product be activated? Well....when you have the best digital manuals on the market, thieves and pirates want to illegally copy and resale our PDF files. So, to ensure you are getting an authentic manual and an Official Licensed Product of the Ford Motor Company, PDF files are encrypted. Only legitimate licensed customers can use the files.

It's super easy to Register / Activate your product! To activate (register) your product, you will need the product Serial Number located on the inside cover of the CD/DVD case or if a digital download, provided immediately upon payment. The serial number will allow you to activate this product on three (3) computers. You can even transfer a license to another computer if needed.

Steps to Activate:

1. Double-click the desktop product PDF icon. On the first opening, a warning is displayed with the option to "Start License Manager".

2. Click the Start License Manager button will display the screen on right.

To activate / register:

A. Click "Register Online" tab.

B. Enter Serial Number

C. Click "Register Online"

You're done! Your license will be automatically added to your computer.

The entire process takes less than a minute!

Example of License Manager with key actions circled in red.

The image on the right is the "License Accepted" screen with you license details.

For additional instructions and information on other activation / registration methods, please see the Readme file. Or, contact

Computers without Internet Access

  1. To activate a computer without direct internet access, click on the “Register Using License Code” tab.
  2. Email the Computer ID and Project Name to the publisher at:
  3. The Computer ID must be from the computer where you want to activate the manual. The Product Name is located on the inside cover of the CD jewel case or provided to you by your vendor.
  4. Upon receipt, the Publisher will generate the License Code for your computer and email it back to you.
  5. Enter the License Code and Project Name into the appropriate fields and click “Add License”.
  6. Be advised, this method may take 3-5 days to process. The online method in paragraph #5 is the recommended method because it is instantaneous.

Register Using the Computer License File

  1. Registering your product via the License File method is used in conjunction with transferring a license from another computer (see paragraph #8).
  2. To use this method, click on the “Register Using License File” tab.
  3. Click on the “Import License File” button. This will open a window to select the license file you want to import.

How to Transfer a License to Another Computer

In many cases, you may need to transfer your licenses to another computer due to computer changes or other limitations. The license can be removed from the source computer and transferred to another destination computer by using License Manager. Steps to Transfer a license:

  1. Open License Manager and click on “Current Licenses”
  2. Click “Transfer License” and select the output destination for the license file.
  3. Enter the Destination Computer ID and output location for the license file.

Adobe Reader

  1. To view the product, Adobe Reader must already be installed on your computer. This product will not work with Adobe Acrobat.
  2. Adobe is constantly upgrading their products. At the time of this product release, Adobe Reader 11.x is the most current version. However, to ensure you have the most current version of Adobe Reader visit:

License Manager

  1. License Manager is a small application that manages your license for this product and all other products from Forel Publishing Company, LLC. License Manager is installed with your product and can be access from the product menu or the computer Program Group.
  2. License Manager makes security easy by:
    • Run License Manager only for adding new License Codes.
    • After adding license codes, you are able to access the protected files just like normal files. You do not need to run any additional applications to access the protected files.
    • License Manager acts like a transparent layer and you will not feel its presence while working with protected files.

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