1973-1979 Lincoln-Mercury Car Master Parts and Accessories Catalog

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This Lincoln-Mercury Car Master Parts Catalog contains replacement part and accessories information for Ford/Lincoln-Mercury Car for model year 1973 through 1979on U.S. and Canadian built vehicles.


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Title: 1973-1979 Lincoln-Mercury Car Master Parts and Accessories Catalog

  • Models covered: All 1973-79 Lincoln-Mercury Car Master Parts and Accessory Catalog such as: Bobcat, Capri, Colony Park Station Wagon, Cougar, Cougar XR7, Country Squire Station Wagon, Escort, EXP, Fairmont, Festiva, Ford, Ghia, Gran Marquis, Granada, Lincoln, Lincoln Town Car, Lincoln-Continental, LN7, LTD Crown Victoria, Lynx, Mark VI-VII, Marquis, Mercury, Mercury Tracer, Merkur – XR4TI, Monarch, Mustang, Pinto, Probe, Sable, Scorpio, Taurus, Tempo, Thunderbird, Topaz, Versailles, Zepher
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Description: This is an electronic/digital reproduction of original Ford printed material of the 1973-1979 Lincoln-Mercury Car Master Parts and Accessory Catalog. This Lincoln-Mercury Car Master Parts Catalog contains replacement parts and accessories information for Bobcat, Capri, Comet, Cougar, Lincoln, Mark IV, Mark V, Mercury, Meteor, Monarch, Montego, Versailles, and Zephyr for model year 1973/ for U.S. and Canadian built vehicles.

The 1973-1979 Ford/Lincoln-Mercury Car Master Parts and Accessory Catalog is the original manual used by Ford technicians to identify the correct part for Ford and Lincoln-Mercury cars.  It contains a comprehensive list of part numbers, diagrams, and other information necessary for any vintage restoration.

This is not the same as a “Shop Manual”. A shop manual is very useful, but simply does not provide the details necessary for most restorations. For example, a shop manual does not provide the full part numbers (i.e. C5ZZ-1007-B), when a part changed, nor diagrams specific to your model car. Instead, it contains partial numbers and only a handful of general illustrations (most may not even be for your model vehicle). On the other hand, the 1973-1979 Lincoln-Mercury Car Master Parts and Accessory Catalog contains virtually every part number and diagrams specific to your vehicle by year and model.

Think of it this way, an Owners Manual has basic information, a Shop Manual has intermediate, and the Master Parts and Accessory Catalog has advance information. If you are considering any restoration project, large or small, this manual will save you time and money in identifying the correct part.

One of the more valuable features of this manual are the detailed illustrations of the vehicle. Disassembled views of the principal units show the various parts and subassembly. In many cases, a glance at these illustrations will tell you all you need to know about how the parts go together.

Question: How do the “experts” know that the CAP ASSY. (POWER STEERING PUMP OIL RESERVOIR FILLER) for a 1977 Lincoln made before 6/27/77 is D6AZ 3A006-A but AFTER this date the correct part is D8AZ 3A006-A? Both might fit, but only one is correct.

Answer: They have the 1973-1979 Lincoln-Mercury Car Master Parts and Accessory Catalog which tells them every part number by model and year which is correct.

Loaded with useful information for your restoration, this catalog can unravel the mystery behind which part number was designed for your vehicle, when there was a part change, or how the part was depicted to Ford technicians.

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This product was produced in Adobe Reader (pdf) format to retain the same look and feel of the original manual. Simply scroll through the pages and sections just like reading a normal printed manual. In addition, each page can be printed and reprinted, if damaged in the garage. Need to see more detail? The zoom feature allows you to magnify pages to over 1200% to see details too small to see in a printed manual. Another great feature is the ability to search the entire manual by keywords.

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