How-To Guide for ClickBank eBooks

The How-To Guide for ClickBank eBooks is a free download that contains step-by-step instructions for the ClickBank affiliate.


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Title: How-To Guide for ClickBank eBooks

Description: The How-To Guide for ClickBank eBooks is a free download that contains step-by-step instructions for ClickBank affiliates. If you are a new or experienced ClickBank affiliate, this manual is necessary because it contains information not found elsewhere.

The purpose of this “How-to” guide is to help individuals, clubs, and traditional retailers sell our eBook digital download version products using ClickBank. I recall my first experience with using ClickBank and it was a little confusing. It’s not hard, but like anything, it can get complicated. As a result, this guide is intended to simply the entire process: from creating an account to creating product specific links.

Our goal is to make selling our products as easy as possible. If we can help you in any way, please feel free to contact us.



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