Autolite Model 4300 Carburetor

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The Autolite Model 4300 Carburetor – Operation, Adjustment and Overhaul contains instructions on the Autolite Model 4300 Carburetor.


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Title: Autolite Model 4300 Carburetor

  • Models covered: Ford C4 Automatic Transmissions
  • Pages: 74
  • Requirements: Adobe Reader
  • Operating System: Windows, MAC iOS, and Android
  • Manufacturer: Forel Publishing Company, LLC
Description: This is an electronic reproduction of the original Ford printed manual. The Autolite Model 4300 Carburetor – Operation, Adjustment and Overhaul (Vol. 67 S2 L2, October 1966) and the Ford 4300 Carburetor Operations, Diagnosis, Adjustment and Overhaul Service Training Courses 9503.1, 9503.2 contains information on the diagnosis of problems, Adjustments to be made and basic overhaul procedures for the Autolite Model 4300 Carburetor. These manuals are filled with dozens of high resolution color images and diagrams to clearly show the flow patterns needed to troubleshoot. Topic covered such as: Fuel Inlet System, Idle Fuel Supply System, Primary Main Fuel Metering Systems, Accelerating Pump System, Power Fuel Supply System, Secondary Main Fuel Metering System, Hot Idle Compensator, Automatic Choke System, Diagnosis, Hard, Slow or No Start, Poor Idle, Poor Acceleration, Flooding, Running Rich, Running Lean, Diagnosis Guide, Float Adjustment, Choke Plate Pulldown, Fast Idle Cam Choke Clearance, Unloader Clearance (Dechoke), Air Valve Spring Adjustment, Accelerating Pump Stroke, Fuel Bowl Vent Valve Adjustment, Choke Setting, Idle Adjustments, Overhaul, Disassembly, Cleaning and Inspection, Assembly, and much more.
The descriptions, testing procedures, and specifications in this handbook were in effect at the time the handbook was approved for printing.

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